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Are you looking for a way to keep your employees and office safe from vandalism, theft, and personal attacks? There are many business security solutions available. It’s important to find the system which will ensure a safe working space for everyone.

The advancements in technology have meant that electronic security solutions are more widely available. Most systems are able to be tailored to suit your business and individual security requirements. The below systems will help to keep your staff, clients, and business safe from intruders and attacks.

Swipe card systems

A swipe card system allows a user with predefined access to swipe their card or FOB to gain entry to the property. Access can be tailored to suit the working days or hours of employees. A tailored access system ensures that you know when someone is on the premises and access can easily be evoked if necessary.

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Intercom systems

Want to see who wants to access your property? A video enabled intercom allows you to see who is ringing the bell. As identification is a prerequisite of entry, intercoms are a great way to deter criminal activity. An intercom with video provides an extra layer of security when buzzing someone in.

Door Alarms

Doors are a common entrance point used for break ins. A simple way to add security to your business premise is by installing alarms. They can be triggered by someone trying to open a door during restricted hours. Alternatively the alarm can be sounded when someone forcibly gains entrance.

Burglars are generally going to flee the scene once a high pitched siren starts. Alarms are a simple deterrent solution. Silent alarms are also an available option. Both alarm types can be configured to alert the police or a third party monitoring service for immediate response action.

Integrate your system

The 3 systems I’ve shared with you are great individual security solutions for your business. However they can also be integrated to create full scale business security solutions. If you need a hand working out the best security system for use within your business Wynns Locksmiths can help you out.