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Locks have been used to protect homes for a very long time. They are the cornerstone of protection against unwanted visitors. There are a few different types of locks now available on the market and some of them potentially do a better job than others. However here are 3 common types of external door locks that you are likely to find in homes across the country.


It wouldn’t be a most commonly found list if it didn’t include deadbolts. Hands up if you have a deadbolt installed on at least one of the external doors in your home? Deadbolts provide a high level of security. They do come in a variety of styles which can withstand different degrees of force.


If your external doors don’t have a deadbolt, they are likely to have a mortice lock instead. Just like a deadbolt, mortice locks need to be locked/unlocked with a key. The mortice lock however requires a pocket to be cut in through the side of the door for installation, where as the deadbolt requires two cylindrical holes to be made.

Smart Locks

Over the last few years smart locks have been popping up on many homes across the country. This transition has easily been made thanks to integrated technologies. As most people now have smart phones, smart locks make security easy. Gaining entry to the home is made secure by the use of pin pad or Bluetooth access. Numerous codes can be created and provided to others, also allowing you to monitor who has come and gone.

If you’re looking to update the security of your home our friendly and professional staff are able to help. Please contact your nearest Wynns Locksmiths for a hand picking the right external door locks.