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As the world continues to fight COVID-19 some property owners are searching for ways they can improve the security of their buildings whilst decreasing the spread of germs and bacteria. The following 3 hygienic security solutions are suitable for use within high traffic areas across both residential and commercial buildings.

3 hygienic security solutions | touchless exit button | Wynns Locksmiths Locksmith Blog

Touch-less exit button

There is a good chance that you have interacted with an exit button in your lifetime. These are the buttons usually found on the inside of an apartment or office building that will quickly open the door. It allows those on the inside to leave or let someone in. These buttons are touched by many people, multiple times a day. Touch-less buttons use a sensor to detect the motion of your hand without you having to touch the button itself. This solution allows you to keep your security and improve the hygienic standard of your building.

Proximity access control

Reduce the need for touching keypads by using a proximity access control unit. Instead of entering a pin code, access can be gained by using a FOB, proximity card, or even a mobile phone. There are so many options out there and your building’s usage requirements will help determine which product on the market will best suit.

Not only hygienic but also highly secure. Access can be controlled and provided to certain people during specific day and time periods. It can also report to you when doors have been accessed and by who. This can be highly advantageous in knowing who has entered or been in the building if any contact tracing, etc is required during this pandemic we are all facing.

Automatic doors

By automating your doors this removes the need for people touching handles or surfaces. Both of the above options can also be used in conjunction with controlling the access of your automatic doors. For example, a touch-less sensor can be installed to control the opening of the door. Automatic doors can be programmed to be activate during certain times and remain locked at others.

Door openers/closers can also be automated for use in some high traffic areas. As with the other hygienic security solutions mentioned, there are a wide range of products on the market that may suit your application.

Consult the professionals

Our friendly and professional team are available to help answer your questions. We are also able to analyse your property and provide you with the best tailored security solution. If you’re looking to update or improve the security of your building whilst keeping it hygienically sound please contact us to discuss your options.