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Don’t go leaving your spare key under the door mat, flower pot, or fake rock any longer. A key safe lock box offers you peace of mind with added security. These lock boxes use a four (4) digit combination code to keep the box lock and it’s contents secured. Key safe lock boxes are available in a range of styles and sizes. Some can be attached to a wall, others can lock onto a gate.

Here are 3 advantages of having a key safe lock box on your property.


From choosing to leave the house without your keys, to accidently locking yourself out while putting rubbish in the bins. Keeping a spare key onsite can be super handy. Sometimes an unexpected overnight stay might even arise, this way you can easily ask a friend or family member to pop into your place to feed your pet.

There is a good chance if you have stayed at an AirBnb that you’ve used a key safe. They have become a common tool used to help with the exchanging of keys. The combination code can easily be changed so that you can maintain security and control of access.


It’s a great idea to have a spare key near by in case of an emergency. Just provide the combination to the key box to whomever needs access to your building and they can collect the spare key. An external key safe lock box can even be used by emergency services in the case of a fall or medical emergency where someone inside is unable to answer the door.


No need to worry about keys getting lost. Key safes are a great way to leave a spare set for your kids to use. By making sure they are kept in the safe when they are not being used it’s a great way to start allowing your child to have some responsibility without stressing about constantly needing to get new keys cut.

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