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The weather is warming up, lockdown restrictions are easing, and those dreams of leaving the house are nearing reality. While everyone has been stuck at home for a good part of 2020, the need to think about locking the doors hasn’t been such a top priority. Here is a friendly reminder of some things to check as you prepare to head out of town for a weekend camping trip or a month long stay at the family holiday home.Β Burglars will be planning for the mass home evacuation which summer will bring, don’t let them be more prepared for your holiday than you are.

Lock the doors, and double check you have the keys!

It might be the most obvious but it’s also the most common issue. Many burglaries occur without needing to cause damage as someone has just forgotten to lock the door properly. Obviously remembering to take the key is something you will appreciate when you return home. Nothing like coming back from a relaxing trip to the stress of being locked out of your house. Double check all the locks on the property; including windows, doors, gates, sheds, or garage.

Is someone collecting your mail?

Have you got someone checking in on your place? Nothing says no one is home quite like a full letterbox). If you’re away for a while having someone (even your neighbour) pop your bins out for you on bin night and bring them back in gives the appearance that someone is home. By having a friend come over and check on the place the appearance and disappearance of a car at different times can also deter a burglar.

Think about what you post online!

We all love sharing our lives with our friends and family through social media. But who else is watching? It’s a good idea to look at your online privacy settings, and also to try to avoid posting too many details on your movements. Try to avoid sharing information on how long you are gone for, or how far from home you are. Some social media apps can be a great source of information for someone looking to take advantage. If you need to share you could sneakily tag a mate and say ‘thanks for housesitting!” in a post. This also lets people know that the house isn’t completely abandoned.

We hope everyone stays safe this summer, has great holidays, and enjoys their time out and about. We hope these 3 security tips are useful reminders and if you do need any assistance with your home security these holidays please contact us.