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Do you have a spare key for your house? How about your car? It’s amazing just how many people don’t have spare keys for their property. Having a spare set of keys can ease stress, both emotionally and financially. It’s generally a good idea to have more than one spare set of keys around too. One set that is perhaps left with a relative or close friends. You might give your parents or siblings a set to keep at their place (if they live in the same city). It’s also not a great idea to carry your spare set of keys on your key ring. You’d be surprised how common it is. Here are 3 spare key benefits.

Saves time

When you find yourself in the stressful situation of having locked yourself out of the house, you’ll be grateful for having a spare set nearby. The biggest issue you face in this moment is in obtaining that spare set of keys. However the pressure of trying to figure out who to call and ask for help doesn’t exist. You don’t need to spend time tracking down a professional locksmith, just call a friend. It can be a lot quicker to collect a spare key than to wait for a locksmith to come to you.

Saves money

As with most things in life when it’s an urgent emergency services cost more. It’s cheaper to organise a visit to your local locksmiths then it is for a locksmith to come to you, unlock your door, and cut you a new set of keys. Most after hours services incur additional fees. Arranging to have a spare key cut at the shop will cost the price of the key and service. For a house key that could be the difference between $20 and $200.

Easier to replace keys

It is easier to make a duplicate of a key from an existing key than without one. Spare keys also make the process of having more keys cut easier. It means you’re not without your keys while new ones are made. If a key is broken or lost, a locksmith may need to decipher the locks on your property to create a key to suit them.

If you need to organise having some spare keys created get in touch.