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The front door is commonly the most accessed entry point to a home. That also means it can be neglected in terms of overused locks not being maintained, and even sometimes just not even locked. Here are 5 ways that you can improve your front door security.


Choosing the best lock for your door is paramount in improving the security of your front door. Deadbolts and dead-latches are a popular choice for front doors as they are generally made from a strong metal. This means it is able to endure force (to a certain degree). If someone is trying to break into your home they are likely to be using force, picking your lock, or twisting the handle and getting in.

If the lock on your front door does not function correctly it isn’t providing any security. Technological advancements have also meant that key-less entry systems including smart locks are appearing on residential properties.


By installing a security door or a front door which is solid or made of metal will increase the security of your home. A security door adds an extra barrier between the outside and the inside of your property. Obviously by having 2 doors locked securely increases the security of your entrance from unwanted visitors.

A solid or metal front door is stronger against force than a hollow-core front door. These options increase the time it takes for someone to break into your home and creates an obstacle for them to overcome. At the end of the day security is about creating a difficult situation for someone that shouldn’t be doing something. The longer they take the greater the chance of them being caught.


The strike plate is a piece of metal which is attached to your door frame. It assists by catching the bolt of the lock and holding it in place. By using long screws it reinforces the security of your lock from a forced attack. Where a wooden door frame may just splinter and tear with excessive force, the strike plate holds its position better and requires a greater effort to destroy it.


One thing that isn’t of thought about when it comes to security is hinges. Inward facing hinges are inaccessible to someone trying to break in. If hinges are on the outside it leaves them exposed to tampering and the ability to pull the pin out and to door straight off. This can be a pretty quick and simple way for someone to gain access to your home.


Sensor lights are a simple yet effective method for improving the security of your front door. Lighting plays an effective role in keeping uninvited visitors away. A CCTV system will also assist with scarring off a potential intruder as well as providing evidence in the event of an issue.

If you would like to discuss increasing the security of your front door please contact us. Our team of professional security experts will be able to advise the best solutions to suit your needs.