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Protege WX

ICT’s ProtegeWX is the out of the box access control solution for single site commercial properties.

Are you looking for a fully integrated system that includes access control, intruder alerts, building automation, reports and more? ProtegeWX is exactly what you have been waiting for. It’s expandable modular design allows you to scale your system as required. No matter the size of your property the ProtegeWX is fully customisable and designed to work for you.

With a friendly web-based user interface is simple to use and provides high level security. It allows you to monitor the activity inside your property and also provides you with solutions for restricting access. ICT’s ProtegeWX is the brain of operations. It allows you to take control of your building and control all the electronic systems from one handy interface. There is no need for software installation, elimintating any compatability issues, maintenance, and more. The system is controlled via a built-in web server providing you with with access from anywhere and no compatability or licence issues. There is even an app for your phone (android/apple) which you can check the status, control lights, locks, signage, heating, cameras, and more at anytime from.


Individual access can be controled depending on the days and times staff are required on site. Restrict and limit the ability to enter certain areas of the entire premise during certain hours.


Control the open and close of your business. The ProtegeWX can be programmed to integrate with your air conditioning, lights, alarms, and more. A sequence of events can be programmed such as lights turning on when the first person enters the building. Another sequence can be set for when the last person taps out for the night, ensuring that all lights are off and alarms are armed.


Manage all elements of your building through a single system. As long as you have an internet connection you can access and manage your ProtegeWX. Access your system via an app on your phone (android/apple) and monitor access reports on the go.


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