Wynns Locksmiths

A question that is often asked is “what are the best locks for the home?”. Honest answer. The best lock is the right lock for the application. Around the home there are so many factors to consider when choosing which lock will provide the best security. From the shape and style of a window or door to the type of access required. As an example, a sliding door and a hinged door. They have different security needs. They don’t operate in the same manner and therefore keeping them locked also isn’t the same. I know you were hoping for a list of locks that would be best for your home, sadly it just isn’t that cut and dry a subject.

Consult the professionals

We highly recommend chatting to your local locksmith. By consulting with a professional you will be certain that you have chosen the best locks for your home. A locksmith will be able to discuss all the options available to you. Depending on what you need from a lock they will provide you with expert advice. If you have a certain lock in mind for a spot in your home why not find out if it’s a suitable security solution.

Not all about the lock

It’s not just all about the lock itself. It’s about the install. A carpenter or handyman doesn’t necessarily understand the full spectrum of the security aspect of the lock and it’s install requirements. Some locks have specific requirements to ensure they are operating at optimal performance. An ill installed lock is not being the best lock it could be.

Chat to us today about finding the best locks for your home. We can arrange for a qualified locksmith to come to your property and advise on lock solutions. It’s also possible for us to advise based on supplied images of your homes doors, windows, etc.