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Are you considering installing security cameras and sensor lights around your home? You might be trying to decide on how many you need and where you should be placing them. In this post we share with you five of the main places to consider when setting up your electronic surveillance system.

Most security cameras have pretty good night vision as a standard nowadays. However we do recommend where necessary and possible to install a sensor light. The sensor lights not only provides extra light for the camera but also doubles as an excellent backup security device and deterrent for any unwanted guests.

Front gate or driveway

Around the perimeter of the property is a good place to start. This is generally the main entrance to your property for anyone entering. Depending on the front entrance to your property a security sensor light might also be of benefit for you coming home late at night if you live in a secluded or dark area.

Front door

The front door is the obvious choice for a security camera, and not for no reason. The front door is generally the most used door of a home. This means that it runs at a high risk of being left unlocked or possibly having a dodgy, old handle that hasn’t been replaced for quite a while. Both of these possibilities make it easier for someone to enter your home without consent. A security camera at your door with capture anyone that approaches. Installing a sensor light here too will provide ample light and also allow you to find your keys and the keyhole with ease at night.

5 best places for home security camera install | Wynns Locksmith

Back door

Just like the front door, the back door is also a high traffic door space which means it may have been left unlocked. Also unlike the front door the back provides some cover and therefor time to someone seeking to gain access unlawfully. Ensure that your backdoor has a secure lock and it is in good working order. A security camera at the door can also capture footage of the yard and a sensor flood light will assist with lighting the scene and unnerving an unsuspecting burglar.

Garage door

The garage is one of the most overlooked areas on a property for security risks. Garages tend to store tools that might help one gain access to the home as well as even a door, well hidden from sight which might not even be locked. Setting up a security camera at the garage can capture the driveway or front entrance if you don’t have a gate or something else to easily install a perimeter camera.

Side door or windows

If your home has a small side path between the house and fence we recommend placing a security sensor light in this area. Generally the space in these sorts of areas does not warrant a security camera as it’s lens is unable to capture much of the surroundings. A light here though helps to keep these areas where someone might hide lit up and deter them from loitering there. These pathways tend to come off a laundry where there is a door or possibly an unlocked and open window. Invest in good locks for these doors and windows.

Please give us a call on (03) 9495 1122 if you would like to arrange for one of our security professionals to provide you with a no obligation free security assessment & quote for your property. We are highly experienced in setting up discrete home surveillance systems. If you need a hand to install security cameras we are here and happy to help.

*Please note we only install security camera systems that we supply. This is due to warranty related issues.