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When you want to keep certain belongings secure you buy a safe. But how do you keep your safe, safe? Before buying one it’s a good idea to plan and decide where you will be installing it. The type of safe you need will also depend on what you want to store inside it. (check out this post if you’re looking to find out more about types of safes.)

Buying a heavy well built safe makes it difficult for someone to easily remove it from your premises. Instead it means they need to stay on-site to try to break into it, which puts them at a greater risk of being caught. You might not have the need for a large heavy safe though.
Depending on what you are storing you might just be after a smaller safe to keep some family jewlery or documents secure. There is still a range of safes which can be bolted down to help decrease the risk of someone running off with your safe.

Install your small safe somewhere well hidden

Smaller safes can be hidden in different locations around the house. One of the most popular safe storage places is in the bedroom wardrobe. Of course, this is also the first place a burglar will look. For this reason, we recommend choosing a different hiding place.

Perhaps instead you can consider installing your safe under a sink in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry. These are some of the places that a burglar is less likely to check. Getting clever with the safe install and thinking of places out of the way and obscure are more likely going to help keep your safe undetected. If you have a linen cupboard this can also be a good place. These cupboards are generally filled top to bottom with stuff and it can be time consuming for someone in a rush to pull everything out unless they know that they are looking for a safe.

Never install your safe in the garage. A burglar could spend hours hidden in the garage making noise. Most people wouldn’t think anything of it and would assume you’re inside working on a project. Not to mention garages are usually filled with tools which could also make breaking into the safe a lot easier.

In-ground and wall safes are also an option. Think back to the movies you have seen where the picture frame is pulled away to reveal a safe. These are designed to be discreet and depending on your property it may be the ideal choice for you.

Obviously each property is different and the best install solution for you needs to be decided upon. Our professional and qualified team are able to assist with answering any questions you might have about installing a safe. Contact your closest Wynns Locksmiths.