Wynns Locksmiths

Body Corporate

First Time Users – Important!!

If you are a first time user you will need to set up authorisation to enable key ordering, to do this please provide copies of the following documents:

– Body Corporate Management Agreement to act on behalf of the owners for the premises


– Download and complete the attached Signature Registration

These forms and signatures will be held on record to provide reference of your authorisation to order keys in the future.

Setting up authorisation is only required initially but should be updated when authorised signatories change in your organisation.

To order keys once authorisation has been set up please use the correct Key Order form below, please be advised that we can only accept key orders using the Key Order form, which must include an authorised signature.

The resident can choose to have the keys securely sent or collect the keys from our store at 110 Bell Street Preston 3072 (photo identification is required for the collection of the keys).


 Please download the PDF to your local machine and open with Adobe Reader. You can download a free version here if you don’t have it installed on your machine. This will assist with preventing printing issues that occur due to a conflict with your internet browser’s native PDF viewer and PDF forms.