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It’s difficult to think about much else other than Covid-19 at this point in time. However business security is still important. Especially as businesses are starting to have staff work from home, closing their offices and warehouses. This is leaving many places open to theft and we have seen a spike in businesses requesting security solutions.
Here are a few ways to increase your business security.

CCTV – Electronic Surveillance Systems

Do you have security cameras installed on your business property? Setting up cameras to capture footage near entrances and in any other required areas is an ideal way to deter unwanted visitors. Not only do camera systems assist with deterring burglars, in the event of a theft they may also provide valuable information to the authorities.

Access Control

By installing a swipe card or FOB system can allow you to control the access level and times for staff. This is one way to also ensure that staff are not entering the property when they shouldn’t be. These controls can be changed, for example access can be updated to deny entry to all staff at this point in time unless they are a manager? Reports can also be created to show things such as, who has swiped in to access which entry point.

Restricted Master Key Systems

A maser key system allows you to operate your business locks with a heirarchial system. Different keys can be provided with different access levels. t’s a good idea to keep a register of who has which key and access. When you have a restricted or registered master key system is means that only the locksmith your system is registered with is able to cut keys for you. These keys also need to be requested by authorised personel for the request to be actioned.


Do you have motion detectors or flood lights installed on your property? Lighting has proved to be a valuable asset when it comes to security solutions. Most people looking to cause some issues are more comfortable operating in the dark, so when a spotlight is shining on them they tend to get a bit of perfomace anxiety.

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