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Lost, stolen, or worn out keys are the main reasons replacement keys for cars or motorcycles are requested. Car key replacement is a little bit more involved than what you might think and requires an automotive locksmith. A specialist locksmith that is trained in the technology and servicing of a range or vehicle locks and the varying systems they use.

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The different types of car keys.

Car keys come in a range of shapes, sizes, and types. Back in the day car keys were just a mechanical key, similar to that of your front door. Now though you probably have a Remote Flip or Transponder key. Remote flip keys are all encased in the one unit generally with buttons to lock and unlock your vehicle. Transponder keys may or may not have buttons on them but your mechanical key will be encased with some plastic. The newest keys out there are the Smart Key. Just by having the key in your pocket is enough for you to be able to touch your car and unlock it. All of these car keys have transponder chips built into them. This chip is programmed to your cars locks and immobiliser.

Different makes and models of vehicles also mean different keys. Not all keys are the same and there is no cut and dry way to replace them.

On site car key replacement.

Car keys may be able to be replaced by a professional automotive locksmith on site if necessary. The make and model of your car is a large factor in the locksmiths ability to provide this service on site.
With special tools your locksmith will be able to pick the lock of your vehicle and decode it. This will then allow them to replace your key for you on the spot.

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How long does it take to replace car keys?

As the transponder chip in your key needs to be programmed for your car your vehicle is required on the premises for about half an hour to an hour. Without access to the car we are unable to replace a key for you.

For most modern cars we are not able to recreate a duplicate key directly from an existing key that will start your car.

Replacing the locks on your car.

Occasionally the physical locks of your car may need to be replaced. If they have been damaged it is possible to replace and reprogram them. It is recommended that you find a replacement lock from a car wrecking yard. A cheaper option than going direct to a dealership. An automotive locksmith will then be able to fit the replacement lock and program it to match the rest of your car. Be sure to find a lock from the closest make and model of your vehicle to replace the damaged lock with. You should be able to insert your existing car key into the lock but not turn it.

Please contact the Wynns Automotive Locksmith team with any questions you have regarding your vehicle’s locks and keys.