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CLIQ Electromechanical Locking System

CLIQ is ideal for businesses needing a high-level of security and a comprehensive locking system for all entry points within your facility.

This wireless system assigns users various levels of permissions and time schedules to different locks. For example, a CLIQ key can be programmed to only open specific locks during business hours and deny the user access during evening hours, weekends, holidays, etc.

You can also add additional layers of security by using CLIQ for other locks within entry points. For example, a user may have permission to unlock entry to a room in your facility, but they may not have permission to unlock a padlock or drawer locks inside the room.

Each CLIQ key contains a unique identification code which is designed to be used by only one user. The CLIQ key cannot be duplicated, altered or interrupted. Lost or stolen keys can be simply removed from the system and a new key can be assigned.

The easy-to-use CLIQ software system allows you to program each CLIQ key and assign user permissions to doors; gates; windows; containers; padlocks; and cabinet and drawer locks. In addition, the system allows the lock administrator to create and review an audit trail of when and where users have accessed various locks. Administrators can quickly make key and lock changes based on security threats or personnel changes.

CLIQ is simple to install, setup and use within your company as no site preparation is required. No additional wiring is required and each CLIQ key provides the necessary power to all lock cylinders. In addition, you do not need to reconstruct doors and other entry points: just simply remove the existing mechanical cylinder and install the CLIQ cylinder. This works for windows, filing cabinets and drawer locks.

CLIQ is flexible allowing business owners the ability to build an access control solution which addresses your specific needs, location and operations.

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