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Ever stopped to consider what the most common entry points and methods a burglar uses to gain access to your home? 75% of burglars take less than 5 minutes to enter a property. That isn’t a great deal of time but there are ways in which you can deter them from your property or increase the time they need to take to get in. Let’s look though at the 3 most likely ways a burglar will enter your property.

Unlocked Door

Yep! More often than not a burglar doesn’t have to do much more than turn a handle and they are in your house. In fact,almost half (40%) of burglars list this as the most common way to gain entry. So step1, lock your doors!

Breaking doors or windows

Smashing in windows and busting open doors is another common occurrence. Depending on times of days and proximity to neighbours the sound that accompanies a forceful entry can be risky.

Unlocked window

When one door is locked and closed, a window may be wide open. Open and unlocked windows are the third most likely entry point a burglar will use to break into your house. Before leaving your house double check that your windows have been shut and locked. Look into the accessibility around your windows and ensure that tools such as ladders are not easily available for use by an opportunistic burglar.

Being aware of these common burglar entry points is the first step to improving your security. An unlocked home is an easy target for someone looking to take advantage. Without causing too much physical property damage these types of burglaries can also go undetected for sometime depending on what was stolen? These break ins can also be used for scouting a location, checking what goods are inside, and keeping an eye on the property to find out a good time to come back for a sweet haul.

If you would like to chat about improving your home security, give us a call. And don’t forget to lock the doo!