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Do terms like electric strike and magnetic locks confuse you? Don’t worry, we are going to break them down and hopefully clear things up a bit. Both of these items are electrical hardware devices that are used for door security. They can be activated as part of an access control system using FOB’s, swipe cards, key pads, buttons, and more. The required function, security needs, and budget will help you determine which option is best suited to your property.

Electric Strike

An electric strike is used in conjunction with other door hardware with locking functionality such as a lockset or panic bar. When the strike is powered with electricity it holds the lock bolt in place until it is activated via a buzzer, keycard, etc.

Electric strikes are used for locking one side of the door. From the inside you can leave easily by turning the handle or similar hardware. On the outside you will need to swipe your card, enter a pin, or be buzzed in for the door to open.

Magnetic Lock s Electric Strike - What's the difference | Wynns Locksmiths

Magnetic Lock

A magnetic lock (mag lock) uses a magnet to keep the door pressed to a metal plate. When an electrical current is supplied to the magnet this creates a magnetic charge which keeps the door solidly closed.

When there is an interruption to the supplied electrical power this allows the door to open.

Magnetic locks are highly secure as they are always locked from both sides of the door. To enter or exit through a door with a magnetic lock a user must activate the lock with the use of their swipe card or equivalent. Any handles or latch hardware on these doors are to assist with opening the door but do not provide any locking capabilities.

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