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Knowing that somebody has broken into your home, rifled through your things, and stolen your possessions is unnerving. A large amount of stress and anxiety is expected as you deal with police, insurers, and try to piece everything back together. The scary part is that once you have been burgled you are at a higher risk of it happening again. Burglars know that when things are stolen there is a good chance of items being replaced. They have also had an opportunity to case your joint further and plan on how to take things they couldn’t take the first time. So what can you do to feel safe in your home again after a home burglary?

Change/Update the locks

Let’s get an obvious first move out of the way. Locks may have been damaged or keys might have been stolen. Replacing any broken locks is going to be your primary choice of action. Changing the locks however doesn’t need to mean all new hardware. A locksmith is able to cut new keys and re-key your existing locks. Re-keying will mean that your previous keys will no longer work with your locks and prevent any stolen keys gaining entry.

If you have old hardware or locks now is the time to upgrade and replace them. It is also advised that you ensure that all access points to your property are secured. A professional locksmith is able to assess your property and assist with alerting you to any entry points that you may not have considered.

You might also want to take this as an opportunity to update your property to use electronic locks.

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Install security cameras

Security cameras are a great deterrent for burglars and they also provide you with video evidence that can be provided to the police. Cameras are able to be installed both in and out doors if required. Cameras allow you to have eyes on your property while you are away.

Signage alerting people to your property’s surveillance can assist with deterring someone from considering your place as a target. The footage recorded by your security cameras can be used to assist with police enquiries if necessary. Installing electronic security may offer you some peace of mind.

Install an alarm system

Depending on the alarm system installed yourself or a monitoring company can be notified if the alarm is triggered. This can help you to immediately contact authorities if you believe it to be an intruder that has set your alarm off. The sound of an alarm can also be enough to scare some burglars away from your property. Alarm systems can be designed to work with home electronic locks and tie in with a security camera system. Alarms can also be installed as stand alone systems.

If you would like to further discuss ways in which you can protect your home or upgrade your security please contact us on (03) 9495 1122.
Please contact your health practitioner if you are struggling with stress and anxiety after falling prey to a home burglary.