Wynns Locksmiths

Wynns Locksmiths- Preston is the Authorized dealer for Galaxy which is an Australian Lock Company high-security master key system that is designed, manufactured, and distributed by Wynns Locksmiths – Preston.

Galaxy offers a revolutionary approach to high security locking systems, utilising the most advanced engineering and production techniques as well as the highest quality materials. Galaxy offers a range of previously unseen features that benefits both the end-user and the locksmith, thanks to subtle technical enhancements and innovative design.

Galaxy is designed and developed for convenience of use while yet providing maximum security and a vast number of possible lock combinations.

Tumbler pins and/or coded discs are not required to create variations because of its simple design. Galaxy’s custom-built Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machine cuts both the key and the code bar at the same time, dramatically increasing manufacturing efficiency.

Only authorised Galaxy licensees, such as Wynns Locksmiths Preston, can design, build, and maintain Galaxy restricted master key systems. Only the compatible software module approved by Australian Lock Company will work with the Galaxy CNC machine. As soon as keys and code bars are cut, the details of all master key systems planned and produced are purged from the CNC machine. These system details are held externally, ensuring that all parties are protected.

With keys and cylinders, Galaxy’s durability is unquestionable. The stainless steel key from Galaxy comes with a lifetime breakage guarantee and is available in 21 different key head colours. The key is also available in three different orientations, virtually making it three locks in one.