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When assessing home security garage doors are commonly considered a weak point. Your garage provides a burglar cover and access to alternate doors into your home. It’s also not often viewed as suspicious when a truck or work vehicle is parked outside a home garage. It has the added bonus of excess storage with people using the garage to keep white goods, sporting equipment, and tools inside.

Improve your garage door security by following our 5 tips below.

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Don’t leave your garage wide open

Let’s cover what might be considered an obvious one first. However many people leave their garage roller doors open all day everyday. By keeping the door closed you help to prevent anyone that might case the joint during the day while you’re out and monitor your comings and goings.

Keep the door to your garage locked

Most garages have a back door either connected to the house or out onto the yard. Get into the habit of keeping that door locked. It might be a minor inconvenience to you but it’s a worthwhile one to impose on an intruder.

Avoid leaving the garage remote in your car

The remote to your garage door is just like your front door keys. Instead of a remote that clips to the visor in your car or lives in the console invest in a key chain remote. Aim to decrease the chances of someone stealing your remote and accessing your garage and home.

Maintain your garage doors

Ensure that your roller door functions correctly. Malfunctioning faulty garage doors are as useful as leaving your doors wide open. Invest in maintaining your garage and protecting your home before something happens. Too often people only start to look at the security risks and issues once an incident has occurred.

Add some padlocks

If you’re going away for an extended period it’s a good idea to add some padlocks to your garage doors. Padlocking your roller door shut from the inside offers extra security against any forcible entry. Also add padlocks to any other access points to your garage. If your garage has windows ensure that these also have security locks installed.

If you would like to discuss your garage or home security please contact Wynns Locksmiths. We are happy to arrange a free evaluation of your property to assist with protecting you and your family.