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Garages can pose a security risk to the rest of your property. It’s important to make sure that your garage is not left out of the security planning and that any vulnerabilities are taken care of. Some garages connect directly into homes, others are stand alone but also store all the tools that one might need to be able to break into a house.

Is your garage a security risk? Here are a few things to take into consideration.

Are the doors functional?

As the doors on the garage are used general wear and tear is bound to occur. This is both on the main entrance as well as any service entry doors to the garage. Check that all doors open and close properly and all locks are in good functional order. If you are missing locks or these have broken be sure to fix them ASAP.

Make sure to close and lock all the doors of the garage when you are not using it.

Can you easily see in?

Does your garage have any windows? Generally windows are more likely to be found on a stand alone garage that is separate to the house. It’s common for people to use the garage for more than just keeping the car in. Some use them for extra storage or as a tool shed. Windows provide easy access for someone wanting to look in to see what goodies may be inside, or what useful tools they can steal or use.

Installing curtains or blinds in the garage is a great idea to help block out prying eyes. Just like the doors, make sure to close the blind when you aren’t inside.

Is there lighting at night?

The cover of dark is a close friend of the prowling burglar. If you walk around near your garage at night is it well lit? Or are there good hiding places in the shadows? Setting up lights near all entrances to the garage and making sure they are well lit is a great deterrent for shady characters. Sensor lights are a great way to keep the areas lit up when you need them, and also can startle and frighten a burglar.

Lots of lights and alarm systems can also now be set to trigger alerts on your phone, notifying you that they have been activated. You might want to consider adding security cameras to your garage too.

If your garage is a security risk to your property, we can help you feel safe again. Please contact your nearest Wynns Locksmiths to chat with our friendly and professional staff about the best garage security options for you.