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Most people’s garages are used as a storage unit. Raise your hand if either you or someone you know doesn’t even keep a car in their garage? This makes them a prime target for someone looking to thieve a little somethin’ somethin’. It’s likely the garage is full of bikes, lawn mowers, tools, gym equipment, white goods, and heaps of other goodies.

The other thing most people don’t do is invest in securing their storage unit, ahem garage.

How secure is the service door?

You know that side entry access door to the garage. Yours might be inside the house. Or it could be out the back or down along the side of your property well hidden by a fence. These doors when easily accessed from the exterior of your home are usually the first point of entry for a burglar.

Make sure that you have a quality deadbolt installed on this door, whether it is inside the house or not.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Motion sensor lights are a relatively cheap and easy way to update your properties security. Well lit entrances work to deter unwanted guests. You can even get lights now that will alert you when triggered. Some can connect to a camera which can be viewed from your smart phone if you want to keep an eye on the place when you aren’t around.

Security cameras are also a great deterrent. It’s super handy having access to the footage should something happen on your property when you are not around to watch too.

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