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Do you have a holiday house or run an AirbnB property? When you have keys changing hands frequently a restricted master key systems is an ideal security solution.
Restricted keys can only be duplicated or replaced by authorised persons. The locksmith that you organise your system through is the only locksmith permitted to create keys for your locks.

Restricted systems have a registered design. These designs are valid for 10 years from date of registration. Once a system is out of registered protection it means that any locksmith can copy the key without legal implications. Keys can also only be ordered by an authorised person. If you require someone else to organise a key order it will need to be put into writing and supplied to the locksmith.

Tailor design your security access

Master key systems also work on a key hierarchy. One key can be designed to open all the locks on the property. Another key for you to provide to a tenant and allow them to only access
areas of the property you want them to. You might have a cupboard or two that you want to limit access to. These might contain items that you want to put away, or cleaning supplies for a cleaner to use. This brings us to a third key design. The cleaners key will allow them access to the cleaning supply cupboard and not your personal cupboard.

Your security system can be designed to suit you and your property. Perhaps there is a garage or shed on the property you want off limits to anyone except you. By chatting to a professional locksmith and having an assessment of your property and a discussion about your options, your tailored security system will work for you.

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