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The sun is shining, school is finishing up for the year, your annual leave has been approved, and it’s almost time for the family summer holiday. You might be packing up for a camping trip to your favourite spot. Possibly getting ready to go visit family interstate. Preparing for an extended trip away from home should involve a little bit more than just ensuring you’ve packed enough clothes and that the family pet is being well looked after. Read on for our holiday home safety tips.

Holiday Home Safety Tips | Wynns Locksmiths Melbourne

Have a friend drop by.

Let’s kick the list off with the obvious. Ask a friend (a neighbour) to pop over to bring in the mail and water the plants. The last thing you want is an overflowing mailbox signalling to everyone that no one is about. If you’re holidaying away from home for a while it would be worth getting someone to house sit for you.

If you have a friend coming to collect the mail ask them to also put the bins out for you. The bins going out on bin night are a great way to keep up the routine of someone being home. (Also make sure you cancel any regular deliveries such as newspapers.)

Set the timers

Get some timer activated switches for your electronic devices such as a radio and lights. Intruders are less likely to make an invasion when it looks and sounds as though someone is around. Timers can be set up to switch off at different times throughout the house. You might want set a radio on in one room and a light turn on in another room in a house when the radio has switched off. Find timers that offer random time intervals to switch on and off. There are many options available in this space nowadays.

Watch what you post.

Try not to share all your excitement about your impending holiday all over your socials. Stick with only talking about your plans with the loved ones that you see. Instead opt for rubbing everyone else’s face into your amazing time away when you are back in your home safe and sound. Public posts about your empty home (along with any photos you have shared of the great things you own) is a great way to advertise for a burglar enquiry.

Holiday Home Safety Tips | Wynns Locksmiths Melbourne

Put the tools away.

If you have a shed make sure that you have it locked up and secured. Keep any ladders and tools out of the open. You don’t want to make it quicker or easier for anybody to gain entry into your place. Sheds usually contain all the tools an opportunistic thief needs to invade your home.

Invest in your security.

You might have considered getting some security cameras installed. Having a monitored system in place before you are away can be very helpful to you and the neighbourhood.
Ensuring all your locks and deadbolts are in good working order before you leave is a must. Replace any dodgy locks before you leave. Double check all the entrance points to your property and make sure they are secure.

Please contact us to arrange for a professional locksmith to assist you with burglary protection and prevention.