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Most burglars are opportunistic and looking for cash, smart phones, laptops, and the like. These smallish and easy to carry items are also easy to sell off. In case of a burglary check your home insurance policy as most companies will allow you to add your households smartphones as separately listed items along with laptops.

Burglary statistics from 2019 reveal that 23.6 percent of burglaries occur from a forced or broken door. However another 13.7 percent use an unlocked or open door. RACV’s annual Burglary Statistics report found that one in 91 homes was burgaled in 2019.

Protect your home from burglary

Let’s list the obvious first. Locking the doors and entrances to your home help to deter burglaries and also presents them with a barrier. Adding time to a burglars ability to enter and exit your property with stolen goods makes it trickier and increases their chances of being caught.

Installing sensor lights is a great detterant for burglars. Without the cover of dark to hide behind most opportunistic burglars are unlikely to target your property. Set up lights so that they illuminate entrances to your property.

Leaving the bins out for a week and letterbox stuffed full of mail is a bit of a neon sign out the front that screams no one is home. Are you going away for an extended trip? Why not ask a friend to housesit or if they can collect your mail? Another handy trick with technology is to set up timers on lights, tvs , etc to turn on automatically at random times. If you’re home looks like someone might be in it (even if they aren’t), it will deter unwanted visitors.

Have you recenrly been burgaled? Our post ‘How to feel safe in your home after a burglary‘ was written to help provide you with some proactive security solutions.