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Investing in a safe for your home or office can be a budget friendly way to increase your security. Here is our list of the top 3 things to consider and decide upon before purchasing a safe.

What do you want to keep in your safe?

There are plenty of choices available for home safes. A quick online search will provide you with more questions than answers. Choosing the correct safe for your purpose is a key element in your home safe research. It’s vital to know what you want to store in the safe. Once you know what you want to keep in it you’ll have a better understanding of the different safes and how they work. For example: fire resistant safes works by “sweating” on the inside as it heats on the outside. The moisture produced in this process prevents it’s contents being burned.

Home safes can be a great place to store your personal documentation. Your passport or birth certificate in the wrong hands can cause a mountain of issues.
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Where is a good place to install your home safe?

Once you know what is being stored in the safe you can work out the size of the safe you need. Your location of where to install the safe in your home can start to be narrowed down. The main bedroom is generally the first room to be hit in a burglary. Your in wall sliding door robe where you first thought to put your safe is exactly your burglars first thought too. The linen cupboard with a safe hidden under some towels or sheets is a better option than behind the shoe collection. Kids rooms are also generally avoided by a burglar and may provide a good space for your safe to be installed.

The quality of the safe.

We highly recommend purchasing your home safe from a well known brand with a presence in Australia. You want to be assured that your home safe is of a quality standard to protect your possessions as designed. Avoid cheap overseas imports where you’re unable to be certain your safe meets industry standards and is covered by any protection or warranty.

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