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Maintaining our independence as we age is important to many of us. A large part of home security for senior citizens is ensuring that loved ones feel safe and secure. They need to know that help is on hand if needed and actions have been taken to mitigate risks. Here are some ways to help make sure that everyone feels secure at home. Feeling safe and confident to continue living independently is vital, and there are so many technologies available to help.

Easy and secure access

Making sure that the home is secure but also easy to access is important. Digital door locks with a keypad remove the need for carrying keys. There is no more risk of dropping them and having to pick them up off the ground. For some, getting up and down from the floor isn’t a comfortable or easy task. Most smart home door locks can also have multiple access codes provided. These can be set to work for certain days and times. Super handy if there is a cleaner or support person that visits the property regularly. Family members can also have their own codes to use when visiting or in case of an emergency.

Keep an eye on the place

From security cameras to video doorbells, there are many ways to keep a watch on the property. Some cameras allow two way communication which if agreed upon by both parties could be a fantastic way to check in daily? Video doorbells provide footage of the front door so that you can know who is there before opening or unlocking any doors.

Personal alarms

Personal alarms can be easily worn and extremely useful in case of an emergency, such as a fall. Get in touch with emergency services or a family member without having to locate the telephone. Personal alarms are easy to configure and provide assurance for loved ones. Tools such as these offer support to continue living an independent lifestyle. With so many options available be sure to do your research. Some personal alarms are able to detect if a fall has occurred, or alert a family member if it detects odd behaviors.

If you need help deciding on the best home security for senior citizens please contact the professional and friendly team at Wynns.