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What are the main trends currently happening in the home security world? Standard hardware finishes have generally been silver. A polished chrome finish is the common colour of your security furnishings. Back in the 80’s gold fittings were all the rage. Gold architectural hardware started to become a common standard and sought over for interior designs. Gold has started making a bit of a come back recently but the hot colour at the moment is matte black. Powder coated furnishings in a sleek black is the current fashion trend.

Read on though to find out about some of the home security trends that will actually help keep you protected not just fashionable.

Security Doors

Remember door chains? You know the ones. Attach the chain onto the door when you’re inside that allows yourself some extra protection and security when answering the door to unexpected visitors. Requests for these have dramatically decreased over the years as security doors have become a more common barrier between the front door and the outside world. Security doors are great for protecting your home from flies while airing out the house. They also add the advantage of having a secondary locked door on your home. This increases the obstacles to someone trying to break in and allows you to feel safer when answering the door. A fly screen door does provide a bit of extra security, however many are opting for the strong sturdiness of a security door. Perforated steel designs remove the need for thin fly wire that can easily be cut or destroyed.

Smart Home Security

With smart phones come smart homes. Standalone security systems are easily installed into homes without the need for any extra wiring. These locks are battery powered with a battery lasting about 2 years. The app on your phone which allows you to control the access also provides you information on the locks battery life. Lots of these systems connect to your phone via Bluetooth. You can then use your phone to lock and unlock your front door. It is advised to at least add one override key to a door on your property in case of an emergency. For example your phone battery being dead. You need to be close to these types of locks to manage them and access their details as they are end to end connected.

Wired systems are also available and they can then be connected to your internet connection. These can allow you to monitor your home security while you’re out and about. You can access your locks via an IP address and manage user access as well as double check your property is locked when it should be. If you’ve left home and forgot to lock the door you can do it from your phone. Smart home security systems are definitely on the rise and as technology advances these are certainly a trend to keep an eye on.

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Security Cameras

The installation of security camera systems has increased over the years. Something that once was reserved for businesses has become a pretty common occurrence around homes. There are a range of security cameras available on the market. Wired or wireless there is plenty of choice. Camera quality plays a large part in the rise of this security trend. The pictures captured by security cameras are a lot clearer than they once were and a fraction of the cost.

CCTV footage can be reviewed at a later date when recorded and stored for a certain time period. You may choose to set up a system which allows you to access and view it live from an IP address. There are many reasons that one would like to install security cameras to their properties. Common areas for surveillance are property entry points or well hidden areas on a site.

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