Wynns Locksmiths

Keep your family protected by ensuring your house locks are well looked after. There are a couple of things which you can do to help keep your locks working and reduce the chance of you needing to call on a locksmith anytime soon.

Install your locks correctly

Make sure that the locks in your house have been installed correctly. Some issues that can arise are due to the door itself being misaligned. Ensue that the door is fitted correctly before installing locks. Follow the instructions provided by the lock manufacturer or book a professional locksmith to assist.

When the door is out of shape it can add extra pressure to the lock and over time this can cause considerable damage to the lock. This damage may have you calling a locksmith to come and let you into your house.

Keep your locks clean

It’s a good idea to perform a clean of your locks. That day a year that you do the outside of your windows, add lock maintenance to the list. Wipe down the exterior of your locks with a wet rag to remove excess dirt and grime. A graphite powder can then be used inside the lock. Spray it into the lock and then insert the key a couple of times to get rid of any excess.

Most electronic locks are provided with information and products to assist with keeping them clean. If you’re unsure about what products are safe to use with your lock check with the manufacturer or a professional locksmith.

Copy the original key

Where possible it is advised to use the original key to create a duplicate. If you have changed the locks be sure to have a spare key and any additional keys you need made. Over time creating keys from duplicates can weaken the internal mechanics of the lock due to the slight discrepancies between copies.