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There are so many different makes and models of vehicles and with them come a bunch of different types of keys. Over the years key technology has also changed dramatically. Once upon a time copying a car key was relatively the same as that for a house. However the digital age has cars using electronics and keys using chips. So just how does a locksmith make a car key?

Identify the car key

The first step is to identify the make, model, and year of the car. With this information the locksmith can determine the key blank type needed and any other required information. Please be aware that not all car keys can be duplicated and sometime you will have to contact the car dealership directly.

Cut/Program the keys

If it’s an older model vehicle the locksmith will find the right key blank and cut a new one to code. This essentially means that the key will be cut as specified by the cars factory. Professional automotive locksmiths have a few ways of accessing these codes.

If your car has a transponder chipped key, the right key blank and transponder chip will need to be sourced. Once the locksmith has these they will be able to clone or program the key. Their specialised software will inform them of the best method to use for your vehicle.

Testing time

Once the keys have been made it’s time for them to be tested. The locksmith will test that the keys open the doors, as well as switch on the engine.

Testing is part of the quality assurance that you receive from a professional locksmith service. This is usually a quick process and majority of the time keys work on the first test. This is due to the software, tools, and knowledge that automotive locksmiths have.

Why can’t the locksmith duplicate my car key?

With the advances in technology lots of car companies have spent a lot of money to ensure that their cars can’t be easily duplicated. These keys require software and tools that can cost thousands of dollars. They also require specific training and knowledge. Sometimes the software or tools needed to duplicate these keys has not been made available for use outside of the car company themselves. This helps the car company control their keying system and the security of their vehicles. Investing in all of these technologies may not be viable from a business perspective for all locksmiths. Depending on the occurrence of their need.
If a locksmith is unable to help you with a set of keys for your car they will likely advise you to chat with your cars dealership.

If you need a spare key for your car please get in touch. Our dedicated automotive locksmiths are available to help you with all of your vehicle security needs.