Wynns Locksmiths

It’s super annoying when you’ve locked your keys in the car and there isn’t an old wire coathanger around. Sometimes you need to call for a help. Locksmiths do have a few ways in which they can attempt to gain entry to your vehicle. There are two commonly favoured methods used to open a locked car door.

Picking the lock

Picking the locks on a car door requires specialised tools. These picks are expensive and there are different types of picks. The pick required varies across makes and models of vehicles. Having the right tool for the job and knowing how to use it is important in cleanly accessing a car. One reason a locksmith may ask you before arriving on the scene about the make and model of your car is to ensure they have the right tools with them.

Bypassing the lock

Sometimes we need to bypass the lock. This is done by unlatching the lock mechanism without operating the lock itself at all. As an example, when you try to use some wire to lever the latch, this is what we call bypassing the lock. There are also a few other variations in which a car lock can be bypassed which a locksmith may use on your vehicle.

Call the professionals to open your locked car door!

Our professional and qualified locksmiths are trained to access your car and unlock your door with minimal impact on the vehicle itself. If you have found yourself locked out of your vehicle, we are here to help. 24 hours, 7 days a week. Contact us if you need assistance getting access to your locked property.