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Thinking about selling your home? Of course there are security risks you are taking when selling a property, Here are some tips to help keep your house secure as it goes on the market.

Hide the important stuff.

Lots of people walking through your home amidst your belongings isn’t the only threat to your security. In 2021 virtual tours and open houses have become a lot more common occurrence. It’s important to make sure that you pop away any sensitive information or items that could entice a thief. Get started on the house move by packing early, pop those expensive, delicate, or sentimental items away so they are safe and sound. Don’t forget about medication. If you have any around make sure that you remove it prior to any in-person showings or video/photo sessions.

Make your house safe

Be sure to tidy up and remove any items that could cause issues for anybody moving around the house. Pop away any breakables that could get damaged. It’s a great idea to turn on all the lights in the house. This will help make it easy for everyone to see and move around safely.

Be sensible with security

Remember to keep the house locked and secure when you’re not in it. You might want to set up a security camera to keep an eye on the place. In case anything does happen you will also then have footage that can be provided to the authorities.

Watch out for uninvited guests

Be aware that sometimes people might just rock up to your front door. This could include criminals posing as buyer agents, inspectors, or other housing professionals. It’s advisable to check any identification before letting anyone inside your house and to avoid letting someone in without an appointment. If you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to ask them to contact your real estate agent and to organise a time with them. Be vigilant in your record keeping when privately selling too. Jot down names, any details that instantly come to your mind, and even vehicle registration where possible.

Selling your house should be exciting, and not scary. It’s just a good idea to be aware of risks and make all efforts to keep your house secure when selling. If you would like to give your security a boost get in touch.