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How secure is your letterbox? It’s a busy time of year for the mail delivery people. Letterbox theft increases at this time of year. There are lots of Christmas cards and online present shopping being delivered. Also with identity theft on the rise mailboxes are a go to for some opportunistic people.

It’s common that letterbox security is overlooked when compared the importance of the front door or windows to the house. While most people are being inundated with emails these days there are still quite a few important documents which still rely on the being hand delivered.

SE Letterbox security lock

Security Edge Letterbox Lock

Ways to improve your letterbox security

Investing in a good lock for your letterbox is one way to improve your mailbox security. The Security Edge letterbox lock is a high security lock which features a registered key design until 2026. We recommend using this lock to keep your mail secret from prying eyes. It’s great for a single home use or for apartment or office complex buildings.

With Christmas approaching and holidays it’s also a good idea to have your mail put on hold by the Post Office. Alternatively arrange for a trusted friend or neighbour to collect the mail while you are away. (Many home burglars will keep their eyes on unchecked mail boxes too).

It’s also a good idea to make sure that your letterbox is the correct size for your mail. An ideal letterbox will minimise the ability for mail to protrude.

If you would like to pick up a new lock for your letterbox or chat about security, get in touch!