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Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what it is you are after with so many industry buzz words thrown around. There are a few key terms that you will find come up in conversation with a locksmith. Get familiar with the locksmith lingo and learn a few handy key words to use when chatting about your security service requests.


When a locksmith is discussing re-keying that are referring to altering the code of the lock so that it will work with a different key or a completely new one. You have purchased a new lock and want it to match the rest of the locks on your property, a locksmith would rekey the new lock. Alternatively, instead of changing all the locks when you have purchased a new home you might just get a locksmith to re-key the place.


Duplication refers to the process of copying a key. This is when the locksmith makes a copy or copies of a key. This can be for a spare set, or for a business which requires multiple sets of keys for different members of staff. To duplicate a key, an existing key is required. This can be a cheaper procedure than creating a brand new key from scratch.


If a locksmith refers to a lock being bumped they are talking about a lock picking technique. Bumping can be used to open a pin tumbler lock. It generally involves using a specially crafted bump key.


Pull out a key and have a look at it. See the shape of the part of the key which is inserted into the lock. It’s the term to refer to the physical arrangement of the key bits engaging with the lock. Bitting is also the instructions a locksmith refers to when cutting a key as a replacement or as an extra copy.

Strike Plate

You know that metal plate that’s screwed to the inside of the door frame. That’s the strike plate. The handy little home where the bolt on the door lives when the door is closed. Strike plates provide protection against friction and increase security.

We hope these 5 locksmith key terms have helped shed some light on some of the different aspects of locksmithing. If you need a hand with any of these things just get in touch.