Wynns Locksmiths

Can you believe it is May already? Well, let us introduce you to Rod. With 28 years experience in the industry, we are excited to welcome Rod to the Wynns Locksmiths team as the branch manager of our new Wodonga location.

Why did you become a locksmith?

After I completed my week of work experience as a school kid I was offered an apprenticeship. I decided to take up the opportunity and dropped out of finishing year 12 to pursue this career instead. We are just coming up to the 28 year anniversary of that decision.

What do you enjoy most about being a locksmith?

After being in the industry for so long, I still get that warm fuzzy feeling and enjoy when you open something that has someone in a bind. The relief and look on their face is amazing; most people think we are magicians.

What excites you about the locksmith industry?

I love that the industry is and forever evolving! There is always something new to learn and discover, and yet our old school skills will still always remain relevant. It’s a very fluid industry.

Rod Edybean - Wynns Locksmiths Wodonga Branch Manager

What's your favourite?

BAND/ARTIST: Has to be Bon Jovi; there is so many more I love but there work from the 80’s & 90’s is hard to match for me.
TRAVEL LOCATION: Can I just say the world, I want to see it all. Umm, otherwise let’s say Las Vegas, it’s so much fun.
SPORT: Love my AFL, and still enjoy watching the surfing when I can. I grew up riding skateboards and for me it’s the one sport that just captivates me and I can sit and enjoy watching for hours. Oh yeah did I mention anything Motorsport, two or four or more wheels, love it.