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Only 3 months of 2020 left! It’s time to shine the spotlight over towards Horsham and introduce you all to Maria. Unlike Preston and Wodonga, our Horsham branch offers a shoe repair service. Maria is the local shoe repairer and is sought after by many to fix their shoes. People have been known to travel hours for her services. She has also used her skills to support local community arts – recently she made the shoes for the local production of Kinky Boots. Beyond the leather, Maria wears many hats in Horsham as a shoe repair / locksmith / Electric technician.

How did you become a shoe repairer?

I was approached by Tim (Horsham Branch manager) who asked if I was interested in learning shoe repairs. Considering I like working with my hands, I took on the challenge.

What do you enjoy most about being a shoe repairer?

I love the responses from my happy customers, when they come to collect their Shoes and see the awesome transformation from nearly Bin worthy to automatic favourites again.

When you repair a customer’s favourite bag, or family air loom, or even punching an extra hole in their belt, the joy the customer experiences makes it all worthwhile to me.

What excites you about the shoe repair and locksmith industry?

I am excited that I have a skill that very few people these days possess, and that the industry has the ability to make old into near new again.
The best part about working for Wynns Locksmiths, is that I also have learnt Locksmiths Skills, and I especially like going out on site installing Cameras and Alarms to help keep our customers safe.

This makes me very versatile and I love coming to work every day as there is a new challenge!

Maria | Shoe Repairs & Locksmith | Wynns Locksmiths Horsham

What's your favourite?

BAND: Matchbox Twenty