Wynns Locksmiths

Welcome to Episode 2 of our ‘Locksmiths Lit Up’ blog series. Each month you will get to learn a little bit more about a member of the Wynns Locksmiths team.

If you come visit us in-store there is a good chance that you will be welcomed and assisted by Layna. She is one of our Workshop Technicians.

Why did you become a locksmith?

Way back in 2011, I decided to come to Melbourne and find a new career. I found some interesting courses that I wanted to try which allowed me to use my hands. Being a locksmith was one of the best choices I had in front of me.

What do you enjoy most about being a locksmith?

There are many things I enjoy about being a locksmith. One is that I learn new things everyday, and also having a good team is the best! Meeting new clients is always a challenge yet fulfilling, especially when the job is completed correctly.

What I enjoy the most is when I get to do the troubleshooting. I always learn how to do a new procedure step by step and it helps to improve my problem solving skills.

What excites you about the locksmith industry?

The thing that excites me about the locksmith industry is how it develops day by day. There are new updates and upgrades all the time. Such as developing a system for master keying (a more extensive lock to make things secure and safe for everyone). There is longevity in the locksmith industry. I am excited to be a part of and stay in this industry to experience the innovations that will take place.

What's your favourite?

PLACE TO TRAVEL: Langkawi, Malaysia
SPORT: Snowboarding & Jet skiing