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The locksmith industry has been growing and changing over the years thanks to technology. Locksmiths don’t just work with locks and keys anymore. Here at Wynns we also specialise in electronic security and have dedicated team members in this area. It’s time to meet Hamish and get to know a member of our electronic security team.

Why did you want to work in electronic security?

I have always had an interest in electronics and technology. Electronic security not only involves both of these aspects (which by the way are two completely different things), it also brings them into people homes and lives in many ways.

You can be asked to install a system which at first glance would seem to be both simple to install and set up. However you’ve always got to think about how a system works and how it needs to be integrated with any other systems.

What do you enjoy most about being an electronic security technician?

There is always a large variety of systems that we can install from large scale access control systems in high rise apartment buildings with integrated CCTV systems, to small scale video intercoms in the domestic environment.

Although they might sound like two completely different systems with two completely different interfaces, wiring, and appliances. There can always be a lot that they will have in common, this means that I can learn one system and that’s the only system I would need to know for installation, but I’m always having to learn a new system when every providing service or support on older productions that may be in the legacy stages, keeping me on my toes and always thinking.

What excites you about the electronic security industry?

The Electronic industry is constantly expanding, with new technology being brought out all the time. The possibilities and applications of even the simplest systems and their components can be arranged in a magnitude of ways. You’re always having to adapt to new situations and find the best way to proceed. You never know what new product you will be installing in the coming weeks.

What's your favourite?

TV SHOW: Adventure Time
FOOD: Smoked salmon on crumpets
SONG: All Star – Smash Mouth