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Master Key Systems

What is a master key system?

Master key system are a heirarchy of keys allowing different access for different key holders. These systems form the foundation for a secure premise. Working with a number of cylinders and locks, the system allows configuration for different groups or users to have designated access to buildings and areas.

As you can see in the diagram, a grand master key allows the Managing Director access to all locks. However the Sales Manager can not access the Financial Director offices or the Workshop Managers areas, and vice versa.

Master key systems should be upgraded on average every 5 years to maximse security and recoup any losses from employee exits or losses. It’s important to try to maintain a registry to keep track of who has which key and what access.

Restricted master keys can only be cut and replaced by the locksmith who has dealt you the keys. Your key system will be registered and changes will only be implemented when requested by authorised users in writing.

Customised keying solutions

We provide tailored security solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential properties. A master key system allows you to take control over the access to your property. We work with a range of keying systems designed for high security applications.

You can read more about master key systems here.

We are authorised dealers for SECURITY EDGE and ABLOY products.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss master key systems further and chat about what solution is best for your propety.