Master Key Systems

As specialists in Master Key Systems, we have developed and manufactured a suite of Wynns Locksmiths registered design multi-profile key systems which form the foundation for a secure premise.

Master Key Systems have a key hierarchy that will work with a number of cylinders and locks. This system allows the configuration for different groups or individuals designated access to buildings and areas.

A Master Key System is like having several keys built into one. Wynns Locksmiths can configure your office or home to work on a system of keys. This ensures you, your staff, or your family will have the right key and proper access required.

Wynns Locksmiths Master Key Systems

The primary benefit of a Wynns Locksmiths Master Key System is the ability to control and manage the lock access of users. If you are a person with high-level access your single key will be able to gain entry to all secure areas of the building. Where as the key of a general access person will have restricted access to the building.

Removal of multiple keys to gain access to a building or area improves the overall security of a business. It also increases the ease of operation.

Each Wynns Locksmiths Master Key System is a dynamic entity. Our intuitively-crafted system will be able to adapt to changing requirements as your company grows. For this reason Wynns Locksmiths works closely with all stakeholders to design and prepare the optimum keying solution across an extensive range of criteria and specifications.

MSA – Restricted Master Key Systems

The MSM profile has been developed to suit high security commercial applications. It features a no bump, no pick and no drill design. As a multi-broach system it is capable of securing facilities with multiple buildings.

MS4 has been developed as a cost effective system for residential and low risk commercial applications.

By combining our expertise in developing complex master key systems, utilisation of the latest Master Key Management Software, and our comprehensive project appraisals in our consultations. This allows us to design install and maintain a Master Key System that provides the precise solution for any situation.