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Abloy Sentry


  • Patented until 2027
  • Fully resistant against bumping
  • Durable design and smooth operation without pins and springs
  • AWSTM Anti Wear System – A patented mechanism in the key and cylinder that prolongs the life cycle
  • Key – The ABLOY SENTRY all metal key is a symmetrical design offering convenience and ease of use
  • Master key capabilities
  • Rear loaded cylinder – Increases security of the cylinder against attack

Ensure your security for today and the future.

Are you looking for an ideal solution that is high security and resistance in harsh conditions? ABLOY® SENTRY provides a smooth and reliable function in every environment.

ABLOY SENTRY is available in a full range of cam locks, cabinet locks and padlocks, with a worldwide patent designed until 2027.

The ABLOY SENTRY cylinder is suited for a range of weather conditions. Designed to be extremely resistant against dirt, salt water, freezing, and wear. It’s full metal key has a symmetrical design for easy use and large areas for stampings and different colour identifiers.

The patented AWS (Anti Wear System) comes standard, prolonging the life cycle and ensuring a long trouble free service life.

Ideal solution for:

  • Vending, gaming
  • Showcases, museums
  • Transportation
  • Government and defence
  • Telecom industry
  • Mining industry
  • Water industry
  • Power industry

There is a large number of key combninations available which offers a superior master keying feature. ABLOY SENTRY can replace previously installed ABLOY locking systems and is a cost effective way of updating patent expired cylinders.

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