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Was moving into a new home at the top of your New Year list. For many a new year is a new beginning and that can be moving in or out with a partner, downsizing, or leaving the family home. Below are three popular reasons for changing the locks and sorting out a new house key once you have signed that paperwork.

Who has keys to your place?

Unless you’ve built your own house and you’re the first to move in, there is a good chance others have lived there before you. Was the property a rental before you bought it? Who knows how many keys are out there for the property.

How many keys does your property need?

When changing the locks to your new home you can choose just how many sets of keys you need. Also depending on the key system you choose you might decide to use a restricted master key system. Not only are these keys registered so that not anyone can get one copied but if you want to allow access to a certain area of your property and not everywhere you can provide that whilst retaining a master key yourself with full property access.
New house keys allow you to take stock of who has one and if they can make more.

Are there damaged or malfunctioning locks on the property?

Sometimes when buying a home there are a few things that you instantly know you will be updating. Sometimes a lock or handle is broken or damaged. Other times it’s just outdated and you want to update the aesthetic of the place as you start to fill it with your life. Another common reason for changing the locks on your new home is that the ones currently in place and doing the best job.

Organising for a locksmith to come to the property the same day you are moving in is a great way to ensure that no one is able to access the property once your stuff is in.
If you’re planning on moving soon and want to organise a new house key, please contact us. We will arrange for one of our professional and friendly technicians to help you out.