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Damage to your cars ignition can be a real pain! You’re all ready to head off to your destination and you can’t start the car. The key wont turn. It won’t enter. You’re stuck and you’re stressing about what to do next. Sure calling a locksmith to come and help you out and replace the ignition barrel is a good idea. Let’s cover first though a few things you can do to minimise any damage to the car ignition lock. Cars ignition issues - prevent damage | Wynns Locksmiths


Does your car key live on a key chain with 10 other keys, a soft toy, a bottle opener, and your gym membership? Ideally your car key should be on its own designated key chain.

Excess items add unnecessary weight to the key and put a strain on your cars ignition. Over time a heavily weighted set of car keys will cause you some ignition issues.

Is it fear that the car keys will be lost if separated from the pack which keeps weighing things down? If so consider getting a simple clip for your car key which you can clip to the rest of your keys. Simply unclasp the car keys when in use, and reconnect them when exiting your vehicle.


This sounds like a simple one. However there are many times where one might find themselves trying to budge a lock with a little bit too much enthusiasm. If you steering wheel lock has engaged be sure you turn your wheel and loosen this off before forcing your car key to turn in the ignition too much. This is a common issue which can cause broken keys and broken ignitions.

The wrong car keys being used can also cause problems. There is a good chance you live in a home with others who also have cars. There might be a bowl near the front door where everyone’s car keys live. It’s possible you accidentally grabbed the wrong set of keys and no matter how hard you try they aren’t going to work well in your car. These things can happen but if your key is not working easily, don’t force it. Stop and consider what other possibilities could be causing difficulty in turning a key before resorting to brute strength to fix the problem.

If you have bumped into an issue with your car keys or ignition, out dedicated automotive team will be able to assist. Get in touch or give us a call on (03) 9495 1122.

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