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There are a few simple checks you can do around your home to check the security of your property. Some of the checks listed below are good to do at least once a year.


Let’s start with the existing locks. It’s a good idea to do an audit of the locks on your property. Are they all functioning correctly. Do you have keys for them all? Do some easy home maintenance on your locks, keep them clean and make sure that they are turning properly. If you can’t find keys for all of the locks it might be a good idea to call a locksmith over and have them key all your locks to the same key.

You can also start from scratch and get all of your locks re-keyed and keyed alike. This way you can have new keys cut and know exactly how many keys there are for your property. Keep track of who has a key and where they all are.


Sensor lights installed outside are great for deterring unwanted visitors during the dark hours. However if the bulb has died or the switch controlling the light is faulty – your outdoor lighting can’t work it’s best for you. Check your light globes regularly and why not upgrade them to an energy saving LED bulb while you’re at it. Check that the timer on your sensor is working properly and the unit is clean.

If you haven’t installed motion detecting lights around your property now is a good time to note down access areas to your property. These locations are a great place to set up sensor lights. They light the way for those that are welcome and are intimidating to those that shouldn’t be entering.


Hiding spare keys around the yard is a pretty common practice. This also means it is a well known one and unwanted guests know that checking under a door mat, rock, or flower pot may just allow easy entry. Instead of picking an easily located nearby object a keypad protected key box secured to a wall in the garage or meter box may be a better choice for spare key storage.

Better than keeping the spare key on your property, leave it with a trusted neighbour, friend, or family.


It’s a good idea to check out what the view into your property is like from the road. Pay attention when you are coming home and take in how your home appears. Can you tell no one is home? What about at night? If you run out the front on an average night can you see a big TV on in a front room? High ticket items visible from the road can catch the eye of opportunistic folk. You can combat some of these issues by putting plants in front of your windows. You might want to consider getting a timer for the TV if it’s visible and you go away for a long period of time. If a noticeable item like the TV isn’t on for a few days it might draw more attention than when it is on.

Bonus security checks

Two places to add to your security checklist if you have them are the garage and pet doors. Pet doors super handy when you want to allow your pet to move freely between the house and the yard. Unfortunately it also creates a place were an unwanted visitor could also gain entry.

Whilst dogs do a pretty good job at deterring burglars, you might want to increase your security and have a pet door. Did you know that there are now smart pet doors on the market? These doors unlock and open for you pet when they recognise the key on your animals collar. This can also be handy if you want to allow your cat inside but keep your dog out in the yard. When your pet’s key is no longer accessible to the door it will automatically close and lock the entrance flap.

Garages provide storage for more than just cars and can be a weak point with your home’s security. If you have widows in your garage doors you may consider frosting the glass. If your garage is attached to your house it provides a sheltered space for one to take time to access your property. Making sure that any garage access points have locks and those locks are listed on your annual lock checklist is recommended.

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