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When the weather heats up we can become a bit complacent in our home security. Leaving the doors and windows open as we wander to a neighbours house, eat dinner outside, or just splash about in the backyard pool. Burglaries and break-ins don’t always have to happen when no-one is home. Sometimes you’re just in another room or area of the property.

Here are 3 ways to help keep your home secure even during the fun-loving warm summer months.

Lock screen doors

If you’re keeping the door off the latch it’s a good idea to make sure you have locked any screen door you might also have. Don’t have a screen door? It might be time to consider installing one if the desire to throw open the doors is gripping you. Screen doors can make a difference to more than just flies.

If you don’t have screen doors it’s advised to make sure any door that you can’t see is kept locked.

One question to ask yourself is if someone comes to your front door can you hear or see them from the the back of the property? Can you hear the doorbell ring? This is a pretty quick and easy test for someone seeing if anyone is around on the property with an open front door.

Keep valuables out of site

The open doors and windows provide prying eyes with a good time for a spot of window shopping. Keep valuable items hidden where possible. Avoid leaving phones, laptops, tablets, etc in clear view and easily accessible. With a wide open view opportunistic burglary can occur in a very short time frame.

Close and lock the windows

It can be tempting to leave the windows open at night when we go to bed. Ground floor windows can provide an easy entry and exit point for uninvited visitors to the property. Installing screens or additional window security furnishings is advised if you wish to leave your windows open. Make sure you also have good quality window locks installed on your property to lock when you aren’t home.

Just as with any time of year locking and securing your property is the first step to creating a barrier for burglars. In addition to these 3 tips security alarms, cameras, and lighting can all play a part in helping to keep your home summer safe. If you would like to discuss the best security options for you budget and property, please contact the friendly team at Wynns.