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Are you getting ready to pack up the family and head off for a week or two this summer? Here are a few summer security tips to help keep your home secure while you’re away.


If you’re heading off for a while it’s a good idea to either have someone collect your mail or have it put on hold by the post office. Junk mail can pile up over the holidays and nothing screams “NOBODY IS HOME”more than an overfilled mailbox.


Setting the TV or some lights on a timer is a good way to keep the house looking alive at night. If the curtains are drawn all day and no lights can be seen at night it’s a pretty clear sign for anyone looking out for empty homes.


Before you leave make sure that you have put things away. Lock bikes away in the shed and make sure that any tools are not left out and available. It’s a good idea to ensure that you have a good padlock on any shed or garage doors to make it that little bit harder for someone to access. Lots of burglaries occur due to the ease of theft. The harder you make it for someone the safer your belongings are.


If you’ve arranged for someone to come by the property to water the plants or collect mail it’s a good idea to also ask them to put your bins out. If the bins are still going out it makes it a little less suspicious of no one home. Having someone seen entering and leaving the property at random times is also a deterrent for someone scoping out the joint.


Are you leaving just after Christmas? If the bins haven’t been emptied before you leave make sure that you haven’t left any packaging for some awesome electronic pressies laying around. The post Chrissie thievery likes new shiny valuables that are likely to be left alone at home. Make sure that valuables are not left in sight and that any packaging to new gear is also kept out of prying eye view.


Do your locks all work? It’s a good idea to double check that all your windows and doors are secured properly. If you have sensor lights on the property make sure the bulbs are all working and functioning. You might also want to install a security camera system.

If you bump into any issues or would like to upgrade your home security before you leave get in touch or give us a call on (03) 9495 1122 if you’re in Melbourne and (03) 5382 3819 for the Horsham area.Β 

We hope these summer security tips have helped provide you with a bit of a checklist to go through before you leave. Safe travels!

We hope these tips help you keep your home secure so you can have a great holiday. If you