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Keep your property secure with vehicle recognition cameras

ANPR cameras can be tied into your CCTV or access control system. By setting up whitelists within your camera you can control what vehicle can trigger your barriers. For example this works in an underground carpark of an apartment of office building. Add extra security to the premises by ensuring that only known vehicles with prior arranged permission are able to enter.

The vehicle recognition of the number plate also replaces the need for swiping a FOB via the car window upon entry.

What is ANPR?

You might have seen ANPR whilst doing your camera research and not quite sure what it means. Automatic number-plate recognition is the technology utilised to read the registration plates on a vehicle. It may be familiar to you as the technology used by police checking vehicle registration or toll roads collecting payment.

What to consider when shopping for an ANPR camera

It’s always a good idea to keep in mind the application in which you want your camera to operate.

We opt for a camera which recognises and detects number plates even whilst the car is moving at a low speed. Less than 40km/h is suitable for most security situations. Technically you will want your camera to operate well in all light conditions and be able to adjust quickly to headlights flashing at it. A wide dynamic range (WDR) will optimise bright and dark scene areas at the same time.Β  This will help in providing usable video of the car’s number plate. Double check the temperature and environment limitations of the camera also.Β 

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