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As specialists in master key systems we have developed and manufactured a suite of Wynns Locksmiths registered design multi-profile MSA key systems. MSM and MS4 form the foundation for a secure premise.

Registered design, manufactured for Australian conditions

Wynns Locksmiths offer two restricted systems. Our MSM profile has been developed to suit high security commercial applications. It’s multi-broach system is capable of securing facilities with multiple buildings. The MSM features additional options which include a no bump, no pick, and no drill design.


  • Design registration to 2003
  • Cupronickel colour coded keys
  • Multi key and multi broach profiles
  • Extensive range of products to suit the Australian market
  • Designed in Australia for Australian conditions
  • No pick (Optional security)
  • No drill (Optional security)
  • No bump (Optional security)

The MS4 profile was developed as a cost effective system for residential and low risk commercial applications.

If you would like to find out more about MSA key systems please contact the team at Wynns Locksmiths.

MSA Key | MSA Restricted Key System - Wynns Locksmiths
MSA Key | MSA Restricted Key System - Wynns Locksmiths