Wynns Locksmiths


Wynns Locksmiths can supply and fit safes to suit any application, including fire resistant safes, floor and wall safes, deposit safes, drug safes, key safes, gun safes, and many more.

Deciding on the correct safe to suit your needs requires a competent and experienced professional to assist you in making the correct decision. Wynns Locksmiths have over 25 years of experience in safe sales, repair and installation and are more than happy to assist you with what is the most appropriate safe to purchase.

It is important to make the right choice when it comes to purchasing a safe. Don’t seek advice from a non-professional when professional advice is required. Once your family air-looms are gone they are gone forever, you are the entrusted custodian of these heirlooms and it is your responsibility to care for them accordingly.

Safes available at Wynns Locksmiths:

With a wide range of Safes and Fire Resistant Cabinets, Challenger Safes produce quality products for all your security requirements.

Dominator SafesĀ® in an Australian owned safe brand, committed to design and supply of the highest quality domestic, commercial and specialty safes.

Ideal for home and office use, Wynns Electronic Safes offer high protection for valuables against theft at an affordable price.

Easy to use digital keypad, attractive modern design and exceptional level of quality, Yale safe range is the ideal choice for the protection of your valuables.