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  • Electronic access control without wiring
  • Easy installation since only the cylinder in the lock needs to be replaced. Not the lock itself
  • Flexible access permissions
  • IP57 rated CLIQ keys
  • IP68 rated padlocks
  • Access permissions can be updated remotely
  • Easily replaced standard battery
  • Dual security; mechanical and electroni

The ultimate keying system..

What happens when you combine the mechanical keying system of ABLOY Protec with the CLIQ electronics developed by ASSA ABLOY? The ABLOY Protec CLIQ offers a superior mechanical keying system combined with the programming ease and flexibility inherent in electronic cylinders and keys.

By using the CLIQ Web Manager you are able to manage your system via the full featured web based software. It provides east, flexible, and secure management for your CLIQ keys and cylinders.

Directly embedded inside the key and the core of a cylinder are the CLIQ based electronics. A replaceable battery is the sole power source and inserted into the key. Electronic mechanisms are embedded in the cylinder and it is a self-contained unit.

The only different between the ABLOY Protec CLIQ and a mechanical locking system in the visual and acoustic signals given when a CLIQ key is inserted in a CLIQ cylinder. There is a small delay of 0.1 seconds before the key can be turned post insertion.

The range of Protec CLIQ products includes cylinders, padlocks, office locks, cam locks, etc.

Suitable for use in:

  • Transportation and logistics
  • Government and institutional
  • Water, energy and communications
  • Education and healthcare
  • Industrial and commercial
  • Museum and heritage

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