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So it’s been a while since you have needed to get into your safe. So long in fact that you have no idea what the code for it is. Panic is setting in and you’re not sure what to do. If you’ve forgotten the code to your safe a locksmith can help you out in a few ways.

Depending on the type of safe you have will effect just how many options there might be for getting into your safe. One reason you want to call a professional locksmith to assist with getting into your safe is to keep the safe in good working order. Not all safes are created the same and it is advised to contact a qualified locksmith to find out what all of your options are for trying to access your safe.


Some safes have a key override backup. The key can be used instead of the code and this offers you a quick and simple way to get back into your safe. You would have received this key when you purchased your safe. Hopefully you have kept it somewhere safe.

If you have also misplaced the key to your safe a professional locksmith will be able to create a new key and override the lock of your safe this way. Contact us if you have any issues.


When your safe does not have a key override option it can generally be accessed by an emergency code. This is a code which can be added to the safe to allow it to open and requires specialist tools. Not all locksmiths have this available. Should you require this service please get in touch with us on (03) 9495 1122.

Avoid a forgotten safe code

It can be difficult to remember all the codes, pins, and passwords we all have in our everyday lives. Let alone the used once in a blue moon ones. Keeping the code to your safe stored somewhere extremely clever is advised or ensuring that you use a number which means something to you that no one else knows. A shopping list on the fridge might contain a carefully cryptic message that only you can decipher. Another idea for code hiding is a post it stuck to a page of a certain book or slid into a record sleeve.

Safes are designed to keep things safe and sadly a forgotten safe code keeps things protected really well!